April 29, 2015

Use ForwardHQ to test your local work, anywhere

Recently I found some difficulty testing my work on devices. For various reasons the local files could not be served across wi-fi easily and I needed a quicker alternative to transfering to a hosted platform.

I was told about ForwardHQ; a wonderful little tool that solves all these problems and I wanted to share it in case others out there have similar problems. Its very simple too:

  1. Run a server to serve your local files (ways of setting up a server if you are unsure is shown below).
  2. In your browser go to one of your files from the port i.e. http://localhost:8000/index.html.
  3. Sign up to ForwardHQ account.
  4. You will be asked to provide a subdomain name to simply serve up a URL for your work. This can be anything you like.
  5. You will also be asked to enter the port your computer is using to serve your local files i.e. in my case it is localhost:8000.
  6. Install the Chrome extension. There is no extension for another browser yet but if you prefer, use command line as an alternative https://forwardhq.com/help/installing-forward#cli
  7. Go to your browser page of your local work i.e. http://localhost:8000/index.html and click on the Chrome extension.
  8. Choose to start a tunnel.
  9. Bingo! Use the URL provided in any device, any network, any wi-fi connection, to someone somewhere else and anyone, anywhere will be able to see your work. There is the ability to set a password for extra security if you wish.

Setting up a server

  1. Read how to spin a server up on Python
  2. You could also run FowardHQ on other servers: https://forwardhq.com/help/using-forward/getting-s...

To me this is a brilliant, inexpensive, simple and quick to set up tool. No more remembering long IP address and network issues.