April 14, 2015

I made it!

Yes I made my first blog post. Try to ignore the styling it's not easy on the eye (I sense you nodding) but I haven't had time to sort that just yet. I stopped myself doing what I have done for years (partly why this has never been created before) worrying about the style; substance first here we go.

This blog has existed in my head for years but I've never had the confidence to write down my thoughts. I often thought 'why would i tell people what they already know?', 'what i'm saying is dull' or 'this is pointless, no one wants to read it'.

I was chatting last week to a great bunch of people, notably Jeremy and Charlotte, who were quick to expel the lack of confidence. They too felt like this once but along their paths learnt differently. Their key points are:

1. It's up to you what you write about, it's your blog. If you don't like reading about my dog (I don't actually have one) you don't have to read it.
2. Writing down your learnings reaffirms them and you may understand that topic much better. This is important as sometimes it's not until you have to talk about it or teach someone else that you realise you aren't quite sure of what you are saying.
3. In conjunction with writing these thoughts down you may find yourself researching the topic more, so you learn more.
4. There are always people out there who know less than you and want to learn from what you have discovered. If you can help at least one person from that post, that's great.
5. Its a good way to write down what you learnt to remind you later in case you forget.
6. Those learning from someone who has just learnt something may benefit more, than reading something by an expert who is writing about a topic they learnt a long time ago. The latter may forget how they needed the information to be explained to them and may, therefore, explain it in a very complicated way.

I'm keen to encourage more people to enter the industry I'm in. I'm paid to do something I love, I feel very lucky to have that choice. I'm particularly keen to help more ladies enter this industry (I have thoughts about why there are fewer women; another blog, another time). If a by-product in writing my blog is giving someone more confidence as I've been given, explain something better to them or even inspire someone to enter the industry then there's point 7, 8 and 9 covered too.

E x