July 03, 2015

Bracing myself!

The reason for writing this blog post is that I had so many questions about Invisalign and there's only so much time you get to ask your dentist, search the Internet and find people you know who have all been through it. Even then, its down to personal pain threshold and experience as to how their experience compares to yours. It's also such a commitment financially and personally you want to justify it as much as possible - there isn't much going back!

I managed to find one good bit of research on the Internet, another lady who herself felt the need to blog about her journey, its a shame I can't find the link now. She put some of my fears at ease so this is why I want to do the same.

Years ago my dentist (amazing Dr. Justina at Elite Dental) told me my teeth were on the move, the top set going out of line with the bottom set and moving in different directions. Many people said to me that my teeth didn't look bad enough to need a brace but it was about putting their brakes on. They were already out of line a lot and in years to come they would get worse and worse to the point where I know i would regret not stopping them now. So, five years of consideration I took the plunge.

Four months ago I did the investigative work of x-rays and moulds being taken which were then sent off to the Invisalign experts in the U.S.A. My dentist did a great job going back and forth to try to get the best result for me and when I saw the computer simulations of how my teeth will move into place, it was quite amazing for a geek like me!

Today was the first day on the first set of braces which I wear for 22 hours a day (lucky i'm a quick eater!). Some people told me it would hurt and be really unpleasant so I didn't get great sleep last night. After putting them in and at first noticing a lot of pressure, it subsided within 15 minutes and has not hurt at all at any point (this may change in future weeks as they get tighter i know....what this space).

You can't see the brace except for a slight shine close-up. I can speak fine except for a slight issue prounouncing 's' but apparently you learn to sort that out quickly.

So, day 1 done which was the big one. I change the braces to a new set every two weeks and see the dentist after four weeks (once a month). This is where i'm yet to discover if things will start to hurt since attachments (same colour as my teeth) will be fixed to grip the braces more.

I hope this at least helps one person's fears. I'm so excited now and in 15 months time I hope to be smiling ALL THE TIME!