January 18, 2016

ECMAScript 6 'import' - tips to import modules, a new and well received feature in Javascript

In ECMA6 you can set up Javascript files as modules to handle certain functionality. This has been common in other languages for a while but wasn't possible in Javascript before ECMA6. This helps to organise functionality within a large codebase and have modules ready to reference at any point in your development. I'll demonstrate a few ways to import the functions, objects or primitives that have been exported from an external module.

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January 08, 2016

Javascript 'callbacks' - Use promises to make your life easier

Implementing Javascript 'callbacks' or asynchronous programming can often get messy and confusing not least for another developer later in the process visiting this code. They aren't easy to read. In my recent work I needed to get some content from the server and call various functions consecutively and taking advantage of ES6 i dipped into the land of promise...

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July 03, 2015

Bracing myself!

After years of consideration and months of anticipation at 8am this morning i started Invisalign; 15 months of wearing a brace (its clear)! I've decided to blog my journey to help others who may have had all the questions and worries I had.

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May 12, 2015

Depicted - Make your deployment QA safer

This tool shows any difference between latest build and previous deployment in the form of image comparison. This is the ultimate end-to-end test to help reduce regression and improve the QA process.

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April 29, 2015

Use ForwardHQ to test your local work, anywhere

Recently I found some difficulty testing my work on devices. For various reasons the local files could not be served across wi-fi easily and I needed a quicker alternative to transfering to a hosted platform.

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April 14, 2015

I made it!

Yes I made my first blog post. Try to ignore the styling it's not easy on the eye (I sense you nodding) but I haven't had time to sort that just yet. I stopped myself doing what I have done for years (partly why this has never been created before) worrying about the style; substance first here we go.

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